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Finding it difficult to create a portfolio?

I'm stressed and don't know how to begin?

Where do I find the portfolio requirements?

How can I get a scholarship?

How much art work do I need for a portfolio?

How do I write an artist statement?

How do I take good photos of my work?

Where do I upload my work?

Can my Art Teacher and High School Counselors help me prepare my portfolio?

What college would be a good fit for me?

Get Expert Guidance for Your College Applications


As a High School art teacher in New York State, Wilma Sanchez, has assisted hundreds of students in developing impressive portfolios. Wilma can guide you through the highly competitive college admissions process by helping you create a comprehensive portfolio, craft a refined artist statement, and ensure that your portfolio application  showcases your talent and increases your scholarship potential.



Together we will streamline the process, stay on track, and complete your portfolio on time.



I know what colleges are looking for and how to showcase your skills and talents in the best possible way.



Individual attention enables me to identify your strengths and provide constructive feedback.



A strong portfolio can make you stand out from other applicants and  increase your chance of scholarshiip.

Wilma Sanchez


As both a teacher and a former student, I understand firsthand the immense pressure that today’s high school students face when navigating the college application process. I recall the hardships I experienced when applying to Parsons School of Design, where I was ultimately awarded a full scholarship.

Now, as a mentor to current students, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience, and to instill in them a love and appreciation for the arts.

I believe that with the right guidance and support, every student has the potential to succeed and thrive in the college application process.

                                                 –   Wilma Sanchez

crafting the college art portfolio

My proven 3-step strategy for high school students will help you create a well-rounded art portfolio that emphasizes your strengths, and impresses even the most ardent college admissions officers. My strategy includes steps on how to create a stellar portfolio in less time.  Let’s work together to make your college art application stand out.


Assess and Enhance

The first step in my plan involves evaluating the student’s existing art portfolio and identifying areas for improvement. This includes assessing the quality and consistency of their work, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and helping them refine their artistic voice and style.


Research and Strategize

The second step involves researching colleges and universities that offer strong art programs and determine  the best fit for the student’s interests and skills.  A strategic plan is developed for the application process: setting deadlines, listing required materials, and deciding on the most effective way to present the student’s portfolio.


Refine and Submit

The third and final step involves working with the student to refine their portfolio and application materials, ensuring that everything is polished, professional, and showcases their unique talents and perspective. Options include preparing the student for interviews, and providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the  process.

College Scholarships

As a coach, one of the greatest joys is seeing my students succeed. Many of the students I have worked with have been granted scholarships to some of the most prestigious art schools in the country.

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